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Psalm 33:3 “Sing to him a new song; play skillfully with a loud noise.”

This page is created to help YOU hone your God given talent and chase excellence. Videos and tutorials will be posted as they are discovered to help YOU reach YOUR God Potential.

All about the Vocals

All Guitar

Drums and timing


The “Bass”

Playing IN the Band

Feel free to leave us some of your favorite links and thoughts below.


3 responses to “Training

  1. Great job on the POD Tuts Marc! I hope our folks really get into the depth of this device. If it’s good enough for Lincoln I think we can get by with it too:)


  2. marcmillan

    PODXT took some time for me to get used to by now I can fly through it, hopefully this video and the others on here can help you all get “ahead” as well.

  3. Tshekelo

    I really appreciate the efforts you are taking on this part. Thank you!

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