Spotlight Addiction

spotlightAre you also addicted?

Pride(Hubris) Has no place in our Worship environment, don’t give in to it. I pray for a Pure heart, mind and soul each time we take that stage at all of our campuses.

Just this past weekend I watched an Incredible Series Feature Opener and while texting, one of the Worship Pastor fessed up “I Wish I could have DONE the SOLO….but was glad with the outcome”, it’s tough NOT being the star right?

That takes maturity and selflessness and not only that, as a leader, one of the greatest joys is actually watching SOMEONE ELSE GROW or have that “moment” instead of US (ouch!!) Jesus IS the only STAR I want shining every weekend.




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3 responses to “Spotlight Addiction

  1. “Jesus is the only star I want shining every weekend”, powerful words…words to live by. Thanks Marc, for this very much needed reminder.

  2. Well said bro. A daily reading and meditating on God’s word along with continuous prayer is the only remedy to keep this disease away!

  3. “Spotlight Addiction |” was indeed a very great posting,
    . I hope you keep posting and I will keep reading through!
    Thanks for your effort ,Zachery

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