In so many ways what we do simply hinges on how effective we are as leaders in our ministries, especially in music.

Ever been on stage and someone NOT know when to come in? Or What Chorus section we’re in? Intro? Solo now? Etc,…

There has to be leadership there to help everyone stay the course just as 1Peter 5:1 and 2 commands us to do as leaders I found the following qoutes really compelling from a book I’m currently reading.

1. The hardest person to lead IS yourself

2. You MUST take responsibility for your own development

3.  You must DEVOTE yourself to a lifetime of development in order to become a great leader.

(All from “True North- Bill George)

If you sing back vocals, play drums, doing the welcome, manage backstage, run videos or are leading worship….we ALL are leading when it’s OUR time to engage in the service so let’s see to it that we do it well in order to honor God and further his kingdom.



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