Thank you to all the following Magteam and Tech team volunteers for giving up there passion and heart for an amazing night under the stars, near the ocean.

Benay and Dave Collins, Jenny Martin, Brianne Weaver, Jeff Diamico, Juliana Ramirez, Martin Lalama, Matt Berrios, Alex Salcedo, Mike Coia, Kyle Jonhson, Davi, Danny Bringham, Kevis, Michel, Ariel Conway, Jessica Ferrer, Aldo Felipe and the first impressions team at FRC- Hallandale, all of the OTHER Campuses that came to bring energy and support, WOW thanks so much for cheering us on in the midst of so many people.

I feel like I’m forgetting a few names and I’m sure I am but I THANK YOU.

Better Yet If I forgot your name type it here 🙂 ______________________________




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4 responses to “THANK YOU..

  1. Great concert.. thanks ..

  2. Juliana

    :] Thanx Marc for allowing me to be a part of it! :]

  3. Jenny

    God is doing some amazing things!

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