Staying creative


Music is an amazing thing, it comes from God and it can move YOU at any moment, anywhere, through anything or anyone.

When it comes to talents, however there is a great deal of attention and focus that must take place to keep Music “fresh and alive” in all of us.

Pastor Troy said ” Creativity comes from order- NOT- Chaos, the more disciplined you are, the MORE creative you can be”

Here are some ways to stay creative:

1. Listen to Different types of music (Force yourself to find the beauty in another form or style of music, you’d be surprised and how much great creativity is our there)

2. Take time to improvise and practice ( This is one of the greatest parts of being a musician, the actual inventing of notes, harmonies, parts-However you must REALLY know the song first so practicing really hard is a pre-requisite)

3. Write music or record music ( Writing music on sheet music, or in demo’s can really reveal your strengths and weaknesses in your talent, Recording yourself is one the BEST things you can do to get “ahead” of the pack, it teaches you timing, control, discipline AND that your NOT perfect, practice, practice, practice)




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2 responses to “Staying creative

  1. Well 2 out of 3 is not bad.. I just have never been able to write music..but I am working on it an practice practic practice..

  2. Very well said! Creativity is, indeed, very important in learning music. This is the very reason why I always include exercises that will develop my students’ creativity in all my music teaching sessions.

    Thanks for sharing your tips and resources for music teachers!

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