One step at a time..


I’ve had it told me many times, “bro, be patient, one step at a time”.

I’m a New Yorker, there is NO SUCH THING!!

“Move over, get out of my way, hey what’s the delay yo?”, All things I’ve said before and felt in my heart but God is teaching me something NEW, something fresh, something different.

As I grow and learn, those around me are also growing and learning, just as they make mistakes ( just as I’ve made a bunch), I need to be patient and allow them to grow and learn too, this is God’s way of guiding us as we ALL reach our God potential. I Thank God for his mercy and Patience with me, man I can be SO driven sometimes I can easily run people over but God’s still working on me so If I’m at a “step” and YOUR in a rush, hey, give me a break here, have a cappuccino šŸ™‚

God’s working here…..

Philippians 1:6 Says in the (NLV)

” And I am certain (LOVE THAT) that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished..”




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