Keep diggin…


Every one of us is “In repair” like John Mayer says…we’re “not together but we’re getting there….

Here are three ways to keep honing your God given gift:

1. Ear trainingListening is a real gift and a gift that most musicians are given, listening to a song and working out the parts on your instrument is a great way to learn to play what you hear. This is a really helpful skill for playing or singing within our team, but also writing parts for songs. I would encourage any musician to work on reading music also, both chords and notation. You may be surprised at how this can take your playing forward, if nothing else, in the form of discipline.

2. Timing- Think in phrases, get a “metronome” or if you use software(pro tools, garage band etc,..) and start recording to a tempo, slow things down, break it down into small pieces and practice a particular riff or drill with a  “click” repetitively for at least 2 minutes. Work on articulation, precision and rhythmic accuracy. Forcing yourself to use a “click” and play to tempo will GREATLY improve your discipline and execution.

3. Creativity- “Practice being creative”. Improvisation and writing parts, making melodies on the spot is one of the great aspects of music! Like any other aspect, practice improves your ability to create what you want to create. I recommend doing this with other musicians. One of you might play chords under a singer/other instrumentalist and then switch it around. Practice coming up with parts over different chords. Buy a recording device, and you can do this anytime.

Finally, get DVD’s, read books and share what you learn and ask from other’s, the important thing here is that you “keep growing” as a musician chosen by God to lead Worship.




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3 responses to “Keep diggin…

  1. Awesome post! We must always be challenging ourselves to grow…. never wait until someone else motivates you to do it.


  2. I agree 100% now i’m motivated to buys new music and dvd’s

  3. Willy Vega

    Yes, gotta improve what God has given youuu….

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