Not what you’d want to leave behind in the Worship Pastors office after a long weekend of Worship….

-Yoel, Marc



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8 responses to “Typical?

  1. Yikes…I know it was but I’m not telling….

  2. sam

    Where can i get some of that?

  3. it wasn’t mine. i just cut my hair, so theres not much up there to make BIG and SEXY. i hear some one say its the newbie’s. any guesses?

  4. sam

    Maybe it’s Rickys, in the picture it looks like Big Sexy Nair

  5. Markemix

    WOW – want to represent fellas.

    u guys kill me.

  6. Markemix

    Ok, it is official…none of us can type or speak well english…

    Let me try that again….

    WAY to represent fellas!!!
    U guys kill me!

    This is just wrong….I come in search of hip hop and Jesus and you guys are talking about big and sexy hair….

    Perhaps you could add the words “For Jesus” to the product name on the can….that might help (actually, no, don’t try to help)..just stop…now.

  7. looks like some good stuff. LOL!!!

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