It’s HEARTer

picture-12Matthew 5:8

What does it mean to be pure in heart?

The Greek words for “pure” and “heart” are katharos and kardia, respectfully. Katharos means to be “clean,” “pure,” “ethical,” “free from corruption,” “free from mixture” and “genuine.” Kardia means the center of the body, the mind and the soul; the seat of intelligence, sensibleness, desires; and the central/inmost part of anything.

So many times, I’m challenged with speaking from the “heart” and Passion can get a good hold of me at times, trust me, but my heart, my heart is God’s and God’s alone, he knows this and my prayer is that somehow, someway every time I open my mouth to sing, to play or to pray that what comes out is “clean” and “pure”.



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  1. That’s a great prayer man

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