The Spotlight….

1609012Matthew 23:12 Says “But those who exalt themselves WILL be humbled and those who humble themselves WILL be exalted”

I must admit when I was younger I struggled with the success of other singers, musicians around me, I was chasing my dreams, giving everything I had, knew God gave me the talent but I wondered why my time had not come…….I waited a long, long, loooong time and learned my lesson well.

God has a great way of teaching humility, trust me I know all about it! Now when I see friends of mine being lifted up, exalted by God, called higher in ministry I rejoice, I really do. I’ve learned but still have to remind myself to submit to Christ, carry my cross and deny myself because my ego shows up every once and a while and homies I gotta check it at da door!!

When the Spotlight Shines….and it’s NOT on you, do you struggle with it?

-Pastor Marc



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4 responses to “The Spotlight….

  1. Fernando M.

    wow… yes… that happens to me often.. once in a while… thats a powerful message there pastor marc… wow…

  2. Willy Vega

    Yes, Pastor Marc, I think most of us as human beings we struggle every now and then. But like you said one constantly has to be reminded to be humble and to rejoice for others success. ….At then end it is only God that has the control not us:)

  3. Of course!!!! It is a constant battle when I am not a part of something great that someone else is doing. What’s cool about FRC is that I can be a part of other’s successes. Sawgrass is a part of Doral’s success… Hallandale is a part of Lima’s success… etc…

    One Church Where You Are.

    Good Word Pastor M!

  4. yes we all struggle . but like you said.. ” Trust in the Lord” and check it at the door..

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