Ethos: Thinking

imagesOne of our Ethos is “Thinking” and Thinking affects everything we do, have we really thought ti trough ALL the way…all the details, what do we do AFTER this happens, what if THAT happens? Thinking is so essential not only in ou daily decision making but also in our ministries, preparation for Sunday etc,..

What are some of the things you do to have successful Thinking time? Where do you go to find the “right place” to think?




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2 responses to “Ethos: Thinking

  1. Love sunlight, windows, looking at palm trees, man it feels good to stand in front of the ocean and just think, something about Nature.
    I just get up EARLY 🙂 or Sometimes stay up late, but it always pays off to THINK…

  2. I’m usually a quiet guy most of the time. But when I’m standing in front of nature, or the beach, I will be even more silent. It always gets me.

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