IT is here!

This weekend the Doral campus was blessed to have a Lilli (Small groups Pastor) visit us and spread her smiles and laughs with us as we busted out the acoustics and went to town, or rather we stepped on stage. It was a good change of pace to show that IT can be alive in big and small productions, and with electric or acoustic guitars.



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5 responses to “IT is here!

  1. lili

    Thanks for the warm welcome Doral! IT was awesome to be with you guys and dream about IT & all God will do through the ——— series only days away!!! -L

  2. man this sucks… i wish i could have gone.. but i had to work with my parents…..

  3. Richard

    Great Service! I liked it because it was simple, smooth, and diffrent. Cool acoustic guitars with some cool beats of the Djembe!

  4. Olidia

    Enjoyed it alot…You guys were awesome! Me gusto mucho. Espectacular!

  5. Go Doral!! I believe we executed well (Mag, Tech) Can’t wait for this coming Weekend.

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