Reasons I LOVE the Gym..

Every Monday morning I go to the gym, no excuses, no crying, no wining, I just set my alarm to 5:40am, it rings, I get up, get in my car and drive to LA Fitness over near Sheridan st. 4 to 5 times a week.


Here are some reasons:

1. It keeps me from getting lazy

2. It reminds me that no matter how good yesterday was, today requires A LOT of work!

3. God gave me this life, the least I should do is take good care of it.

Now, some of you might Love or hate the gym so, come on spill the beans and leave a comment.

-Pastor Marc



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3 responses to “Reasons I LOVE the Gym..

  1. Martin Lalama

    I hate the gym! Well not so much hate it but I’m not a workout person, which is probably why I’m so skinny.

    But I’m gonna start doing more exercise before I get real lazy…

  2. I LOVE the the gym. The way I see it is that God has given us this body, and we can chose to be lazy and not take care of it, or take care of it and, stay healthy and honor God. Although I haven’t been to the gym these last weeks. I’ve still been running a lot out doors, training with the FRC team and pushing limits.

  3. I have in a treadmill, weight bench, etc.. They all appear to be very nice ..hmmm

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