Building a team

Working as a team is not an easy issue.  One of the things that we make to strengthen our relationships is hanging out: bowling, blogs, food, anything to enhance our ties…

¿What do you do at your campuses?

Fiorella and Eva winners (as always)

Caleb, Ruth, Fiorella and Josué enjoying some drinks

Eva and Gerald´s birthday sandwich party


Ponchy: A man have to do what a man have to do…

Eva 🙂



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5 responses to “Building a team

  1. Como se ve que no perdemos el tiempo jajaja, quien puso esa foto mia?, Josue toc, toc, toc

  2. Wow, it is awesome to see you all doing life together, thank you all for letting us into your world through our blog, keep it up now.
    We do a lot of Starbucks and lunches together…maybe to much 🙂 $$$

  3. Caleb

    cool pics, ponchy toc toc toc hahaha

  4. Jessica

    Hi Guys! Very cool pics! Looks like a fun group! Thanks for sharing : ) Abrazos y muchas bendiciones!!

  5. Willy Vega

    Wow, awesome to see Lima having fun!!!!! We also eat and eat and eat some more together as a team here at US! 🙂

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