Some jazzy flavour

Hi there, I´m Eva, I help in production at FRC Lima. Is great to see you all here. Last year, on christmas time, we had an outreach event at “La memoria del sabor”, a great restaurant. FRCLima band played jazzy versions of popular songs. Have you seen the video?
Jazz on boys!!!!



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5 responses to “Some jazzy flavour

  1. That is AWESOME, girl! I only wish I would have been there to listen to the jazz myself.

  2. That was awesome… i liked it a lot, Im a big jazz fan… Great Job guys…

  3. Gerald

    Ayi esta la gente brava, chebre tocar jazz con ustedes.

  4. Steve Guschov

    That was an awesome night last December. The FRC-Lima band gave a 5-star performance! Lima jazz is even better than New Orleans jazz!

  5. Marc

    Love the Jazz, love the video, great job you guys and girls over there in Lima, very proud of ya’ll.

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