New Music

New CD Hits the Store Today, and Hits #1 on iTunes!
“Today is the Day” the newest CD by Lincoln Brewster is released to stores nation-wide today. And at the same time the album reach number one on the Christian Album charts on iTunes.

The new CD featuring 10 new songs from Lincoln is already receiving great feedback around the country. Upbeat, energetic, and rockin’, this CD also features guest appearances by Israel Houghton and Darlene Zschech.

-Brian Fuller, Magteam



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5 responses to “New Music

  1. No doubt Lincoln is probably the best Guitar player in the Christian music scene and can take on almost anyone for that matter, really gifted by God, his best CD yet.

  2. kyle

    yeah the cd was cool i had it 3 weeks ago. i like track 4. I don’t know about the best guitar player in christian music.

  3. If there is someone better on electric, then who is it?


  4. allen

    ohhhh myyyy!

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