David Coralles and I use to think “Were young we can do anything are bodies can handle it!” Well, we learned a valuable lesson this past weekend.

There were allot of deadlines we had to meet this past week. Swap out the sound board, test and calibrate the system, Hang speakers at church, personal full-time jobs etc.. and they all had to be done by Saturday. I decided to pull an “all nighter” that ended up turning into a 41 hour all nighter. Even energy drinks were putting me to sleep I was so tired.

David joined up with me towards the end of the 41 hours to help me finish the sound board installation. David had just come from running sound for another ministry while trying to deal with a really bad sprained ankle. So it’s Saturday night I should be sleeping and David should be getting an X-Ray. But, nope were just trucking along.To make a long story short. We got the jobs done but our bodies punished us for it. Next morning we were trying to operate in sleep mode and didn’t perform to our best ability. Through all of this chaos, we learned that you have to take away all of the distractions and focus on how God can use you to impact lives.

Check out the video below!

David Corrales & Kyle Johnson

Hallandale Beach Tech.



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24 responses to “I AM NOT A MACHINE!!!

  1. Prada

    haha.. that picture is going to be my wallpaper.

  2. wow, thats crazy, we need to do some stuff with lighting!! im ready and waiting!

  3. Star Wars…Yup. No doubt, you NEVER know when God is gonna a need more of you, that’s why we always have to be ready and fresh for what God has prepared. Poor Dave R2-D2…

  4. Ian

    Great Pic… I wonder who broke into my office last night???

  5. Ana

    That pic is sooo funny! I’m glad you realized that you are not a machine! πŸ™‚

  6. Jessica

    Ha! Funny! Kyle you are tooooo much! It has been great getting to know you and now David, you guys are awesome instruments in God’s hands! Love you guys!!

  7. Great job .. been wathcing Nooma since #1

  8. Representing Star Wars!! I can totally relate, you say YES to do all those things and then sleep catches up. Anyways, you guys rock.

  9. jose

    typical kyle thinking he can do it all. ur not super audio man. i think i have finally realized it

  10. Markemix

    FYI boys:
    It DOES get much worse as you get OLDER…trust me!
    Sometimes you just gotta do it though – after all, it’s for Jesus!!
    And Daniel is correct, you guys do rock!

  11. Ivanessa

    glad the experience enlighten you to something God wanted you to see

  12. kyle

    I think i look good in GOOOOOOLLLLLDDDD!

  13. Kyle's Mom

    Lesson well learned. πŸ™‚

  14. joel corrales

    Why does my brother have to be the short fat one and kyle gets to be the skinny gold one? He does look good in gold!! my brother looks Chinese. but besides that normal.

  15. shirley biendicho

    This picture and story is hilarious! Finally David gets to be my size. get some sleep.

  16. alex salcedo

    Why do you guys look constipated? I can do a 60 hr day.

  17. kelly johnson

    hahah kyle your so funny! who’s body is that?

  18. David's Mom

    That’s my boy!

  19. Clara

    Kyle tu eres LOCO!!! You Rock Bro πŸ™‚

  20. garland

    I always love reading anything that Kyle puts together.
    You make me laugh Bro!!!

  21. kyle's dad

    That’s why i never see you at home working to much. Some times i forget i have a son.

  22. Yoel

    yup, i can relate guys. theres just those times where you realize that your in the deep end and the tide just keeps rising. Next thing you know, your drowning. Its a hard lesson to learn some times, especially being in production. But we have to keep remembering to say no every now and then. To really focus on that one thing.

  23. joey

    great picture! Hope you found that one thing to say yes to so you can say no to everything else. Go Rob bell!

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