HB volunteer shares her passion and calling

I had the amazing opportunity to visit the Ann Stark Center, where Hallandale Beach volunteer BriAnne Weaver works. She invited me to be part of a sing along for mentally and physically disable people and I must admit, I was deeply taken by God’s grace and the passion that she has for these special people.

-Marc, BriAnne



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4 responses to “HB volunteer shares her passion and calling

  1. Rafael

    It’s amazing to see how God is using us, i feel very proud of that, to love is more than a feeling it is a desicion, and you made the right choice helping people that need it !!!

  2. BriAnne, so proud of how God uses you to reach these special people with love and music, I am glad you are part of our team.

  3. Benay

    Hey there! Thanks for sharing this. My family owns a business that helps people with disabilities It has taught me so much about patience. There are so many times when people just brush aside people with disabilities as if they have nothing to say. They have a lot to say! It just takes longer for the words to come out. I have learned to take time, and listen. Isn’t that what we all need? Time to stop what we are doing and listen. Validate others… their thoughts, their lives! All people matter! Too often we are rushing around, and we miss it! Awesome Brianne. You have chosen a profession, where you listen! Jesus said that when we do for those that seem to matter the least to others, we are doing the most for Him! Thanks!

  4. great job.. sorry I couldnt be there.. next time for sure..

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