MAG-blog Revolution

The last few months OUR Magblog site has grown incredibly. We rolled out an exciting campus/team rotation and many of you stepped up and shared stories, growth, humor and knowledge. Well, we have some rewards to give out. Here are the winners:

Most Collaborated Blog Post

Spanish ministry,HB Campus-(“It’s our birthday”Post)Laser Tag 6pk, two games!!

Best Candid Shot

Debby Malivuk (“Love is in the air”..Gas gift card

Most creative Blog

Brian Fuller (The “Mouse” Post)…Gas Gift card

Most Commented Blog:

Kyle Johnson and Jessica Laoiza/Hallandale Tech..Gas Gift car each

Lasertag: Gift cards

Here is how can you make sure you also get in on the fun and here is what we look for.

Most creative blog-

Most people collaborating on a Blog

( Make sure they get your name(s) on it before it posts)

Most commented Post

Most original candid photo blog w/ a story line.

Stay connected, share and grow together



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3 responses to “MAG-blog Revolution

  1. I cannot wait until we start this collaboration between campuses and blogs again…I’ll be ready for lasertag this time….

  2. I love it!!!! I can drive… I can drive!!!!


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