Magteam hits Dolphin stadium

What an incredible opportunity we had to be a part of the Youthlink outreach event in Dolphin stadium Aug 23rd. Thanks to ALL the volunteers who came to help and also the MAGTEAM volunteers who committed to an awesome event, hope you guys enjoy some of the footage.

-Marc, Jeff D, Benay, Matt Berrios, Martin, BriAnne, Dave Coralles.



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4 responses to “Magteam hits Dolphin stadium

  1. Chris Brown

    Great job heading this up Marc. I hate that I could not make it. The video makes me struggle with envy!

  2. Martin Lalama

    What an awesome experience we had over there!!! And what a privilege it is to be part of the MAG Team!

    By the way Marc great job on that video

  3. Janely Ramos

    man, you guys looked like you had an awesome time over there. I wish that I could have gone. And I agree with the first 2 comments Marc; that was a pretty cool video.

  4. allen

    Way to go HB Mag team-rock strong! I wish i could have been there to cheer you guys on. Great opp to outreach to people who would have never heard of us!

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