F3 Celebration

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know, we had an amazing event this
past Friday and Saturday, the First Annual Flamingo Film Festival &

It was about celebrating and encouraging our Media volunteers,
but we also had a competition. We devided our volunteers into 4 teams,
they were given one of the Ethos, a prop, an actor and a genre. They
had to come up with a 3-5 minute film representing those 4 elements.
They had 6 hours to conceptualize, write, plan, shoot and edit. The
result was 4 amazing movies that blew our minds. If you see one
of these amazing volunteers in the hallways with a mic or a camera on
their hands, PLEASE make sure you congratulate them on a job well done.




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3 responses to “F3 Celebration

  1. I was fortunate enough to be at the awards ceremony. They were all great films. I have to give special props to Willy. His acting had me rolling on the floor!

  2. You guys keep reaching higher and higher, it’s great to see both music and video growing at FRC, great job guys and girls.

  3. Ruthy

    Congratulations to all! You guys are an AWESOME team and I’m glad to be part of it… when is going 2 be the next one?? hehe…

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