Flamingo Lingo..

Let’s test our Flamingo Lingo

I am going to list a few acronyms, or places and words said around our campuses but I WON’T tell you what they mean if you don’t recognize one, I want US to share with each other the answers or some others by commenting. Here’s is what I know in the few months I have been on staff. This may be hard for the new team members..

The PCO, MAG, The Dive or Loft, The Source, The Elders, Starbucks, The Common, The HUB, MAGBLOG..:)



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One response to “Flamingo Lingo..

  1. PCO=Planning Center Online
    MAG=Magnification Worship Team
    Starbucks=Coffee Shop (my favorite)
    MAGBLOG=How different people from the mag team communicate with eachother leave posts of different things and keep in touch.

    thats all i know… i havent heard the other ones before… jajajajajaja…. God Bless!!!

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