Flamingo Road Church Interns-2008

I got a chance to grab Alex Salcedo, Willy Vega and Danny Vega for quick “Naked” interview. For those who don’t know these awesome volunteers have been interning at Flamingo Road Church over the summer.




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3 responses to “Flamingo Road Church Interns-2008

  1. awesome video! wacky interns! lol

  2. Danny, Willy and Alex, It was great to have you guys here in Flamingo, I’m sure you guys are not gonna forget the journey, the meetings, the hard work, the free lunch, Kamados buffet LOL. etc.
    we are so proud of you all!


  3. Willy Vega

    hehehe…..kamados….lol the best….what wacky iterns???? i get you after Kevis hehe….No it was a pleasure to be part of an awesome team that you guys are, and to have learned so much from everyone investing in our lives to reach our God’s potential!!:) Thank you Marc for the honor to be part of this little interview :)..

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