Always read the label….

I had the opportunity to have lunch with the interns, Alex Salcedo, Willy Vega and Danny Vega the other day. I was also accompanied by Pastor Vaughn Biggs and Lighting guru, Yoel.

We had some awesome subs from “Firehouse subs” (check them out), we were all enjoying our sandwiches when I suddenly looks over and saw Alex really chugging down his soda. Apparently he took the Hot sauce and just poured it over his steak sandwich like ketchup….and then boom, FIRE!!!!! Well, we were in Firehouse but the Hot sauce was mega HOT.

Yup, Alex is the Hot sauce CHAMPION. But, hey the rest of us wanted to chime in and try it, MAN it was hot. I just put a drop and was dying for like 10 minutes. The Bottle of Hot Sauce had a warning which said “Please use a small drop only”…Alex poured it on like Ketchup.



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5 responses to “Always read the label….

  1. yoelt

    I still cant believe he ate the whole thing after poring all that BURNING HOT sauce on it. I told me later in the car that his nose felt like it was burning when he would breath.
    For those of you that weren’t there, notice how Willy and Danny are both holding there soda cups, they couldn’t stop drinking after having just a drop.

  2. Willy Vega

    Hey, hehehhehe….that was a gooood sandwich, we still have to check out the other place though where they have good hot sauces or at least Alex does….lol

  3. allen

    Gooo Alex. I wanna take you on a Sushi trip with some washaaaaabi! Rock strong!

  4. Vaughn

    Great story & Great times, Man we are so blessed to do life/ministry with some of the coolest people in the world

  5. Willy Vega

    it was a shame that yeol didnt have a pic cause he was holding like ten cups of soda and dont know how many packets of chips to get that drop down that he ate…….cry cry cry cry……lol

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