Hillsong, powerful music for a Powerful God.

No doubt you’ve heard a Hillsong tune in any one of our campuses but I am sure you may NOT have heard a story like this. This Wednesday a group of us came together to watch and grow from a Worship Powerhouse, Hillsong and here is one of the most amazing stories of God’s power, the power of faith and how music can bring all of this together when we let him work through it, in us.

This is a powerful Worship story. Part of the ‘This Is Our God’ album from Hillsong.

Every weekend we pray that God does something amazing during Worship, we expect it, do you expect anything when you come to Worship?

Thanks for this Miguel,




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6 responses to “Hillsong, powerful music for a Powerful God.

  1. No doubt, to really Worship God is to lose oneself in his awesomeness, it’s inspiring to see so many faces lost in the greatness of God.

  2. Jessica

    Incredible story! and to think that the God they are talking about in that video is the same God we worship at all of our campuses just leaves me in awe….He is sooo real and never fails to show up where His name is invoked by sincere hearts filled with worship!

  3. Lindy

    What an AWESOME night–the DVD was beautiful–it reminds me of FRC worship teams, so full of light and God….good times…

  4. allen

    this is an awesome God story. when we have everything or nothing we still worship because God NEVER changes!

  5. Pedro

    Wow, I’m in tears.

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