Lincoln Brewster’s Guitars and live set up

If you’ve been to at Flaming Road Church worship Experience you might wonder how our guitar players sound so good without cluttering up the stage with Amps…is it magic?

No, we all use the Line6 PODXT Live, (even I had to convert from the analog pedal world) The PODXT live is an “all in one” guitar rig(except we don’t have a TON of pedals on the floor or AMPs all over the place)…but hey we are NOT the only one’s using it, one of our favorite Worship Pastors and songwriters (Majestic, Let the praises ring, All to you) Lincoln Brewster is an AVID Line6 PODXT user, so sit back, take some notes and learn from a pro.




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8 responses to “Lincoln Brewster’s Guitars and live set up

  1. There you go! Line6… Lined in… finally…. some vindication:)

    Also, remember, a lot of your tone does come from your fingers!

    Reminds me of a joke…

    A man was lost in Manhattan and stopped by a street vendor to ask…”Excuse me sir, how do I get to Carnegie Hall”. The man replied, “Practice, practice, practice!”

  2. I concur Fuller, enjoy your vindication my man!!
    Great guitar, awesome guitar player, practice, time, good ear and a PODXT…..Hey, these are the ingredients…you still have to cook it.

  3. Carlos

    Lincoln Brewster rocks! Great musician, great composer, great worship leader, great guitar sound! I had to buy one of those PODXTs to get the best from my guitar! Love it!

  4. Carlos

    By the way, is anyone who’s not a guitar player going to comment on this post? hahaha

  5. Lincoln knows whats up !!!

    Great Joke Fuller ….

    By the way … look up Lincoln Brewster’s story … he’s got such a interesting musical/touring background .. amazing to see how God is using him to lead.



  6. Josue

    Hey guys, what’s up? Brewster is really talented and he sounds pretty cool. I thought he uses those big tube amps heads, really impressed to know he use Line 6. I agree with Fuller, think 50% of the tone is on the player’s hand.

    Thanks for the video Marc!


    Ps. Someone have tried the Line 6 x3 series?

  7. Carrie Casaday

    Brewster, Will be in “Sioux CIty” Aug. 3rd, 2008, can not wait!! Waho!!

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