Live a life of significance

I just finished reading a book called “A Resilient life”, an awesome book that breaks down so many aspects of our lives and describes what makes certain people resilient. Have you ever wondered what makes a certain person better at something than you? Why some people manage time better than you? Why certain people get ahead faster than you? Is it luck? Is it God’s favor? What is it exactly?….Why are we envious?

Vince Lombardi once said, “I have no control over the amount of talent I have over the next guy, but I do have control over how HARD I can work everyday”….that made Vince Lombardi a Coaching legend, a Resilient person, a person who lived a life of significance. It amazes me how many of us coast along everyday, taking so much for granted, taking how much God has blessed and how far we’ve come because of his grace.

We talk about living out our potential around here a lot but are we really living our potential? Are we living a FULL life or as Jesus put it “Life in abundance”…?




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2 responses to “Live a life of significance

  1. lili

    i was telling someone just this morning…that I just want to make time matter. trying really hard…

    Thx for the book suggestion. Will pick it up!


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