Confessions of Worship Pastor

I am going to get a little vulnerable here and get “naked” as a Worship Pastor. I have been working as a Worship Pastor for just four months, within those months I have had really good days and bad days, highs and lows but God has been with me, always reminding me of his hand and grace and as long as I continue to surrender to him I will also continue to grow.

Last week at our campus I introduced to two new songs, “Break Free” and “In your Freedom”…which meant that most people were NOT going to be singing much being that they were just learning the song that same day. I took this for granted and just went out and executed, had fun, brought energy. The band was great, everything went well but I did NOT feel God’s presence, something was missing and being a “worship” Pastor singing without God’s presence is a horrible thought.

Yesterday, I made sure that I included more songs that were singable and recognizable mixed in with the news ones, for most people Sunday is the only day they get to forget there jobs and lives and just worship  God and guess what? God showed up.

I felt it, every one there felt it and “It” was the difference we were missing last week. I confess, I made a mistake by just cruising and having fun and must always remember NEVER forget that God’s purpose must prevail over mine and that HIS energy must be experienced, not mine, He doesn’t need me there, he CHOSE me to be there and it’s my responsibility to show that Worship is ALL about HIM and getting closer to him, listen my prayer with the band was like this…

God if I get in the way, shut my mic off, turn the power off, let me lose my voice, remind me that we do this to draw closer to you and bring people closer to your presence“.

I am learning as I grow, journaling along the way, what can you get “naked” about?




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3 responses to “Confessions of Worship Pastor

  1. Yes I felt God’s presence there too.. In your Freedom is a very powerful song .. Great job..

  2. Chris Brown

    Marc, I completely agree about the difference between the 2 weeks and I appreciate your willingness to be transparent. Thank you for not just being a performer but for leading us to the throne each and every Sunday.

  3. allen

    that’s a good word bro. it is about using the environment to facilitate worship. We need to take away as many barriers as possible.

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