Meet Rocky Raccoon

I was hanging out in the Cooper City green room this weekend when I noticed that, as usual, there was somebody at the door trying to sneak in. Apparently he didn’t read the “Staff Only” sign and he had just been to one of our services and wanted to congratulate Pastor Troy. He is Rocky Raccoon, age 2 1/2 (29 in raccoon years), single father of 2, came to Flamingo for the second time. “I love the experience, I’ve been to other churches and Flamingo is a lot different from any other church. There is something about it that connected with me”. I explained to him that Pastor Troy was not available at the moment and that that particular teaching had been on video to which he replied he didn’t know the difference, the video quality was so good, he thought he actually was there. Mr Raccoon, who also attended last week’s service, said he felt great when Pastor Scott Mendenhall made reference to his species from the stage. “You guys take diversity very seriously” he said, and you should have seen the look in his eyes.

He promised to bring his 2 kids next week and would invite some of his friends (Pastor Allen should be proud). My only concern is that he will be greeted by Joe Malivuk and the Maintenance Crew instead of the awesome first impressions team.

Flamingo Road Church, partering with all species to reach their God potential.




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5 responses to “Meet Rocky Raccoon

  1. That is what I am talking about, expanding our mission to species of all kinds…the message of hope for anyone OR anything.

  2. Great post Miggy! That is witty and refreshing. Thanks for sharing.

    Reminds me of back in SC


  3. Wonder if he could play or sing??

  4. Lil

    hey i havent had experiences like that with racoons, but I can definitely talk to squirrels at FAU. they are everywhere, too bad that I killed one my first day of freshmen year.!!!!! Hey let me know when they bring his 2 kids, we need singers for the spanish ministryyyyyyy, lol

  5. dannyvega

    haaaaahahahah!!! dude this is great!
    i actually saw it when i was passing by….

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