“Wow, this is NOT about me”

Songs like “Holy is the Lord“”How great is our God” and “Your grace is enough” among others have allowed singer/songwriter and Worship Pastor Chris Tomlin to be a very familiar name within the Christian community. Chris recently sat down to answer some questions about his career and Worship, here is one of those questions.

Question: Do you think that the worship “craze” has zapped some of the sacredness out of praise, or has it helped it?

Chris: I think both. I think there are a lot of people that lead worship don’t really understand the weight of what they do. But I think it is all about leadership. It’s how you lead people into understanding what this is about. But also the wind of God, the fresh Spirit of God has been amazing, and that is what has caused people to turn their hearts towards it. Worship music is the most popular thing in Christian music. It’s what Christian music is. And I think that it’s because people are realizing “Wow, this is not about me.” It’s not about liking this song or that song, it’s more of a thing of “This really goes to my heart” It’s something sacred, something holy.

Well said Chris, what do you think?




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3 responses to ““Wow, this is NOT about me”

  1. Two things stuck out for me in this interview..
    Understanding the weight of what we do….AND…Wow, it’s NOT about me…Powerful truth told there.

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