Doing less to do more…

Every Sunday morning as a Worship Pastor I get the privilege to sing songs of praise and play an instrument in my campus, I get to be a part of something life changing. Along with that comes the honor of leading talented people who are prepared sometimes and at other times, not so prepared or rehearsed. This is never easy to deal with but none the less if we are going to live out our God potential it must be addressed at some point right?

So within a given week of songs and preparation for excellence on Sunday, we take a look at how we can improve our process for carrying out our potential as musicians, singers, tech person and coordinators.

I occasionally glance at to find leadership insight and saw this picture (shown above) and was inspired to share this post. What needs to change in order for me to keep raising the bar and growing as a Worship Pastor or musician etc,?

Here are some things I need to work on:

Go to be earlier to leave more time for reading and prayer…

Watch LESS ESPN and open the Bible more, just to name a few

What are some in your list?




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3 responses to “Doing less to do more…

  1. allen

    leaving time to think

  2. lili

    less email, more time to think! -L

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