Can you smell what the “The Grass” is cooking!

Doing church in a Movie Theatre has it’s own unique set of challenges and adventures….

‘Twas this past Sunday morning, as our set up team began unrolling our rugs for stage … Pastor Matt Miller noticed an “akward” smell. I too noticed and quickly began examining the area for possible causes… you never know what could have been left from the previous night of rambunctious Theatre Attendees… an old hot dog?… a half eaten nacho?… perhaps an unfinished burger?… to our shocking surprise; none of the above!

As I unrolled the final rug, the smell beckoned me to a small, dead furry creature resting peacefully in the grasp of the (from this point on known as) Sawgrass Stage Rug#3…That’s right! ‘Twas a Dead Mouse… I wish I could describe to you this awful retchedness… but my adjectives are few to do justice to it. Let’s just say, a few of us almost hurled!

Anyway, long story short, I escorted the Carcass of our once furry friend to the exit(by foot not hand) and needless to say… We may need to make room in our Budget for a New Stage Rug…

The smell is now gone…. but let this blog be a tribute to “The Sawgrass Mouse”… at least he died in a church:)

The Sawgrass Mouse




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8 responses to “Can you smell what the “The Grass” is cooking!

  1. Ahh poor thing, he was the watch mouse for the Sawgrass gear. The personal sacrifice stories continue to grow from that campus I tell you.

  2. lili

    poor little guy…but if you must go…go in style and in memory of the rockin’ happening Sawgrass Campus!

  3. hmm not sure what I would have done.. Who gets to keep the mouse?

  4. allen

    you are one funny man. Sharon and I are laughing our heads off!

  5. Vaughn Biggs

    That is hilarious, I can’t believe you touched it with your own hands…lol thats great man!!! lol

  6. debbymalivuk

    OMG That is so funny. Dang! I thought I would win the contest but yer good man!

  7. I’m just glad I wasn’t there yet or the one that found it!

  8. the blurried head shot of the little varmint….HA HA!

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