Lessons from the Celtics

I couldn’t help but share these thoughts from one of the most passionate  Celtics fan I’ve met!  Believe it or not:  Lilibeth Rivera …… (I didn’t know they had B-Ball in Puerto Rico)  hehe  j/k   – Heredes

From Lilibeth:

Guys, I cant get out of my mind with what PASSION & DRIVE the Celtics took the GOLD last night!

IT WAS GLORIOUS from the moment the 1st Quarter opened up, you can SEE, SMELL, SENSE their DRIVE & COLLABORATION from thousands of miles away as they played towards that ultimate goal – the WIN.

….I couldn’t help but see US  “Flamingo Staff” as the Celtics playing against the enemy (those CA Lakers 😉

and what drives us is what drove them – that UNITED passion.

Never loose sense of that no matter how fast the race gets…

COLLABORATION is a beautiful thing =)




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2 responses to “Lessons from the Celtics

  1. lili

    For the record, this Borinquen girl has been a NY Knicks fan since high school…but the Celtics won my heart over b/c they were the “underdogs” in this race & MAN DID THEIR DRIVE & PASSION take them all the way!!! (i saw us in them)

    They wanted “IT” more. If you know what i mean =)


  2. YOU got it right PL. Wanting “IT” real bad is a unique drive that not few people care to have , but for those willing to keep on truckin’……..a prize awaits.

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