Two are better than One


At all of our campuses, even though we may not know each other, I am sure everyone on the tech team knows exactly what I mean when I talk about that feeling you get in your stomach when something just doesn’t go right. When that video doesn’t play or the audio doesn’t sound or there is that wonderful feedback in the middle of worship. Well, thanks to having a team, this past Sunday we at Hallandale darted that feeling by 20 seconds!! How you ask?? Well, everyone knows that you can’t be with Kyle Johnson and not laugh your head off!! He definitely makes being a part of the tech team a great time! Well, this Sunday, he was really into our new series MOODS, soooo into it that starting our second service, Kyle was jamming to the countdown 70’s music pulling all of his slick moves!! While enjoying his one man show, I noticed alottt of red dots on the sound board. Now I don’t know too much about the sound board but I did know those red dots meant MUTE and like I said EVERYTHING was red! I looked at the screen and there was 20 seconds on the countdown! I quickly said: Kyle!! Is everything on mute?!! And you can guess the rest….. So we can see how important having a team is!!! We definitely learned how true Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 is: Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up.

P.S. In case you are wondering, everything was unmuted in time and we went on to have an awesome service!! Just another day in the life of the Hallandale tech team! -Jessica : )

So, have you ever had a moment where someone was there to come to your rescue?!!



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16 responses to “Two are better than One

  1. Marc

    Awesome post HB Tech team, proud of ya…now unto those dancing pictures…..All I can say is that I have witness this awesome prowess of dancing skill live and it will leave you….uh……uh…..:)

  2. Markemix

    I can hear him saying it too!
    Go Tech!

  3. Definitely 2 are better than 1.
    I agree 100%
    Having said that, Kyle should be dancing with the Dancing Lady of Hallandale!
    They got mad skills LOL

    Great Post Jessica.

  4. kylejohnson

    Dang that’s one sexy dancing Dude! I gotta get my hands on those moves.

  5. Daniel Brigham

    Having to do everything is impossible. Thank God for the Tech Team!!!!!

  6. Not sure whats funnier …. the dance or your little icon picture … you look like Ace Ventura.

    KJ-52 😉


  7. marc

    Kyle your profile blog picture is off the chain it’s as if you were testing an Amp at 220….

  8. great moves (John Travaolta)

  9. allen

    Nice moves Napoleon!

  10. Kyle-

    I always new you had more talent than you were showing. When are you going on stage?


  11. Carlos G

    Jessica, Thanks for reminding us all about this vital strategy to make a ministry succeed, your message really made a big impact on me!

  12. Benay

    So true! Thank Jessica for your message. We weren’t intended to do life alone!!! We are always better as a group!!!

    Hugs to all,

  13. Chris Brown

    May we all pray for our friend Kyle! – Chris

  14. kylejohnson

    Kyle…you’re silly. :0)

    – Ana

  15. kylejohnson

    took my girlfriend a week to comment on it. dang!

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