Do You Make A Difference ?

I often wonder if I make a difference where I am.. Sometimes I think to myself ,”Why do I do this and work so hard” ” Why do I practice and practice and practice all these years… Is it worth the sacrifice.. Have I missed out on other things like family , friends etc. Am I in the right place ? Do people think that musicians are weird ? Well we may be weird but we have good hearts and our message comes through our music.. The music has brought me to know Jesus Christ more in a way I might never realize along with many people around me.. I am proud to be a christian musician and a member of Flamingo Road Church.. ” I for one now feel I make a difference where I am” do you?

Jeffrey D



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4 responses to “Do You Make A Difference ?

  1. Marc

    Jeff, it’s one thing for me to try and explain this every weekend as a worship pastor but to hear a volunteer who serves express this perspective bring great joy, thanks for sharing bro.

  2. Jeff, that is an awesome post bro! Thanks for your post and insight!


  3. debbymalivuk

    Awesome Jeffrey! I love what you had to say. Good Job.

  4. kylejohnson

    jeff you rock and you always make a difference in my mixing on sundays at hallendale.

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