Change is good..

Last weekend I challenged some of our Hallandale Beach Magteam folks to do things they didn’t do normally like, hey can you play Bass this week instead of Guitar? Hey, instead of playing Acoustic guitar I could use you on electric even though you had today blocked off? Can you do the prayer this week and just lead out in that area?

Guess what the result was? Awesome.

Execution was incredible and a new sense of alertness and joy was found in doing something a little outside of our comfort zone, you’d be amazed at what a change of scenery or a new challenge can do for your ministry and calling.

Are you afraid of change or do you embrace it when it shows up?




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2 responses to “Change is good..

  1. Willy Vega

    Wow thats awesome Marc!

  2. kylejohnson

    i’m supposse to blog and i can’t figure out how? help!

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