Stage diving

OK. I have never dived off of a stage in a concert, with so much energy and I mean the energy was incredible some kid hopped up on the stage and dove off the stage. Yup, just launched right off the stage!

Made me very nervous and I am glad no one got hurt but have you ever tried that?

Would you be willing to?




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4 responses to “Stage diving

  1. lili

    life is so short man….you gotta try everything once! -L

  2. kylejohnson

    i’ve done it a couple of times before. yeah i know what your thinking, I’m a big dude. well i was thinking the same thing but the crowd held me up! I lost a hat one time.

  3. Carlos G

    Well, I fell off the stage by accident once, does that count? no one really cached me 😦

  4. d-d-diaz

    ha ha… thats brian mcrarry. he did that last weekend in student ministry too. imagine… in the middle of a service!!!

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