Concert signs

We have all seen signs at Football, baseball and Basketball games, they are so fun to make. It’s all part of the excitement of going to an event, jotting down some thoughts and taking them with you on a big cardboard.

Then you get there and you just can’t wait to hold it up, well on June 1st at the Beach Baptism Concert our folks in Hallandale Beach who were serving and hanging in Cooper City before the Concert, decided to write signs for the concert and I mean a lot of signs.

They had one for each song, it made me laugh and I appreciated the humor and fun of all of them and it meant that they were engaged and ready for the event and it made it even more awesome.

Thanks to BiAnne for this picture, for Pepe, Danny, Santi and the Hallandale folks for rockin strong that day!

-Hallandale Beach Campus Magteam


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One response to “Concert signs

  1. kylejohnson

    yeah i remember those signs they were really big and in front of my sound board. But, all fun and games!

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