PCO on the iPhone!

iPhone Users, we got great news for you all. Navigating to http://www.planningcenteronline.com from an iPhone now has a streamlined interface designed specifically for the iPhone. Note that at this time it is only for viewing, not editing or scheduling. You can add it to the home screen for quick access and view any project you want. You can always view the regular website by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page. Enjoy it, it’s very cool!

Carlos Garcia



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6 responses to “PCO on the iPhone!

  1. Jeff

    This is very cool!!!! I love this kind of web-apps for the iphone!

  2. Marc

    Gosh, another reason for me to go a buy and IPHONE!!
    That is so cool.

  3. lili

    That was my exact thought Marc!?!

    we need to get with it…maybe your birthday present to yourself on Monday?!? =)


  4. Carlos

    My iPhone is up for sale! … Just kidding!

  5. allen

    very cool!

  6. Douglas

    I wish I had an iPhone! … wait … I do have one! hehehe, these days everything is made thinking of how will it work on the iphone, even worship resources.

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