The secret….

Today I had the incredible honor to view and visit the warehouse where protein products such as REDLINE come from, with so many awesome products I came across this one in particular.

This is the “femanine” version of REDLINE which contains a hint of that “chocolate” chemical reaction, which is said to be a nostalgic way to have that feeling of being in “love”, perfect for those who want to sweat, work out but feel flowery and in love.

Here is the kicker!

As I looked closely, I saw this…….

I immediately asked, have any shipments gone out yet? Kent Flora, one of our awesome drummers at FRC is the Communications Director for VPX, he “replied “yes”….this particular pallet is being sent to a Worship Pastor in Cooper City, Ricky Garcia”.

I stopped and thought about this past weekend and how unique it was in regards to the changes and realized, THIS IS THE SECRET behind the COOPER CITY Worship experience which is under the leadership of Ricky Garcia.

So, if you need to feel pumped but also like a princess, you know who to contact.

(All in good fun 🙂



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6 responses to “The secret….

  1. I knew it !!!!

    Allen also uses the REDLINE “ALL DAY” line ….

    Good stuff…


  2. willy

    Ohhh… That’s why Ricky was acting so weird especially in Pines Ale House ….mmmmm

  3. lili

    you guys are so bad!!?!?

    (and funny – i admit it 😉

    but hey, whatever it takes right! Maybe you guys should start taking it at your campuses too!!!!!

    LOL 😉


  4. Pris

    Hmmm…who wrote this post? I’m coming after you! Poor Ricky…

  5. allen

    ahhh little Ricky. Reminds me of the Sunflower post!

  6. kylejohnson

    Dang it I thought i ordered the first pallet! i’m gonna have to talk to Kent about this.

    oh by the way guys there changing the look on the packaging next week. A head shot of Ricky wearing a tiara is on the front of the containers

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