Are you ready teams?

Here are the teams:

Cooper City- Worship Team and Tech Team

Hallandale Beach- Worship Team and Tech team

Doral Campus- Worship Team and Tech Team

Sawgrass Campus- Worship Team and Tech team

Spanish Teams- Worship and Tech

Lima- Worship/Tech team

Here is how it works:

  • Most original Blog, to be judged by the FRC Elders…very cool.
  • Most collaborated Blog- By percentage of people involved, so you will need to email me the names of those who joined in on the fun.
  • Most candid photo- This can be a picture of anyone on the team, but it MUST be accompanied by a word or statement.
  • Most Comments on a blog- Here is where we ALL can affect the outcome

When do we post? How many?

Each team, will post 1 blog a week on Either Monday or Wednesday…..example.

Week 1 Hallandale beach- Worship by Monday, Tech by Wednesday…this means gather everyone on your team that weekend( even if someone is collaborating from another campus) and make the blog happen. Make sure you leave the names or post the names of the blog team at the bottom of each blog.

There WILL be TEAM prizes…..are you ready? Ha? Ha? Ha?



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One response to “Are you ready teams?

  1. Janis Whipple

    Hey Marc, if you’re a singer who moves around to different campuses on Sunday but attends worship at CC on Sat., whose team are you on?


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