Mother’s day weekend

This weekend is Mother’s day, for some it’s a time to share and show how much love and appreciation we have for our Mothers, for some it may be a painful time to remember and think of Mom. I want to be sensitive to this but for the sake of community just want to throw some things I learned and appreciate about my mom and maybe you all can chime in.

1. Work ethic- My mom was and IS relentless at working, never stops, multi-tasks, energy galore!- Thank you for that. 🙂

2. God and Family first- No doubt that her relationship with God was essential to everything she did and her love and devotion to here family inspires me today.

3. Authenticity- My mom always speaks from the heart, sometimes it’s too RAW but it’s real. I suffer from the same thing, I can say things from passion and from the heart and sometimes people get offended or hurt BUT know that I am real, my mother taught me to be sincere and real with those I CARE about. 🙂

How about you, three things you’ve learned from your mom?




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3 responses to “Mother’s day weekend

  1. lili

    I can see where you get IT!!! My mom taught me, 1. God always come 1st 2. There is NO obstacle too big 3. Forgiveness is the best gift you can give someone.

    She is a Woman of Faith. My angel here on earth.


  2. Benay

    Thanks for sharing Marc! My Mom has been an incredible example of love, sharing, and having the attitude of the “more the merrier”. I love that. I love that no matter how much we had, there was ALWAYS room for more. My Mom has always supported me, and encouraged me no matter what. She is fantastic and I am so grateful for her!

  3. forgive….. be nice to people.. and dont quit your job ….

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