FRC Drummers stepped it up

What a great start to our new series “It Matters”. I just wanted to share what I saw and heard at a few of campuses from our worship experiences. I was actually playing drums in the Cooper City Night Band and had a blast from the past (Yahoo!!) but jumped in and used the DB-90 for our worship set and not only did it help ME stay relaxed and in control, I think everyone benefited from it also.

The next morning I lead worship at Hallandale  Beach and Joey Q. was playing drums and he used it for the first time and it made an incredible difference for us therel. After that, I stood around to watch and hear our amazing Spanish Worship team in Hallandale and watched Danny Lopez jump in there and use it, it was just great to see how you guys embraced this aspect of your ministry within our worship ministries and campuses.

Any other stories out there?




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3 responses to “FRC Drummers stepped it up

  1. timing was great for me

  2. danny lopez

    the machine is nice . i loved to play on time

  3. allen

    way to go guys. i was at CC, HB and SW this wknd and it made a difference-Rock strong!

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