Remember to remember

Ever forget what your in the middle of doing?

Ever forget what you were about to say?

Ever forget to hit the right note on stage or hit the break with the band?

It’s amazing how easily we forget, regardless of how much we think about things. Is it that we don’t care enough? Is it that we are just not focused? Maybe we don’t realize just how big a deal some things really are.

I myself am guilty of this, I forget that what I do is NOT a job but a CALLING. I forget that I am NOT in charge but that I made a pact with God that HE would be the Master and I the servant.

Here are just some things that help me:

1. Journaling- Writing down thoughts, moments in my life, emotions, it’s good to look back and see how far God has brought me.

2. Rest- Studying, rehearsing, practicing…..get some rest. 🙂

3. Alone time with God- This is probably the best remedy of ’em all, that silence, the alone time with God and being able to clear away the noise, stress and tasks.

What helps you remember to remember? -Marc



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3 responses to “Remember to remember

  1. Chris Brown

    That quiet time is crucial – the days I don’t are not filled with the necessary purpose. Also, for me taking time to stare at my boys while they rest or sit still. There is something about a child’s innocence that is peaceful and simple. This reminds me to keep things simple and reminds me of what my priorities are. Thanks Marc for the post!

  2. allen

    good word bro

  3. Deb

    I am with you man. I pray almost every single day that God reveal my path for that day. That I know he would not put me in a position to fail and that I have to trust in his wisdom. I look forward to being led by him each and every day!

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