You Never will Find it, You’ve got to make it!!!

A Pastor that I used to work with always said “if the devil don’t make you sin, he’ll make you busy”. It’s so easy to get very busy. That’s when the excuses come up, ” I don’t have time to workout”. “I don’t have time to spend with the kids or my spouse”. We will never have or find the time for these things we have to MAKE the time. This picture was taken a couple days before Easter. So much stuff needed to be done. I really didn’t see or spend time with the kids. I actually had there mom keep them quite a few days during the two weeks leading up to Easter. It killed me but the tasks needed to be done. Until I said NO! we must take a break. I grabbed the boogers, on a Wednesday night and took them to the beach. It was like the world stopped turning for 2 hours. It was truly “heaven on earth”. Little did I know how it would refresh my mind and soul, and don’t forget the priceless smiles on my babies faces. I surely didn’t have the time and I had a pile of work still waiting for me but I made time to connect with Heaven on Earth which was just a reach away. Don’t look for it, Make IT!

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6 responses to “You Never will Find it, You’ve got to make it!!!

  1. Marc

    Awesome reminder again here bro, I remember a line in the Matrix reloaded…”How can we ever take time if we never make time”.

    Beautiful kids bro.

  2. lili

    thanks for sharing your heaven on earth pic and for the reminder Pastor Ricky. IT certainly matters…to stop, & “be still” it soooooo hard, but necessary in this race we call Life.

    Plus I love that the MAG blog continues to give life & inspiration. Love MAG. Cant wait 2 worship with u guys…

    (and for the record, those are 2 cute boogers;) -L

  3. allen

    great job Rick! they do grow up veeeery quickly. thanks for the reminder

  4. Vaughn Biggs

    Good word bro, We all need to make time to do what is important! And there is no better time than now.

  5. Deb

    Awwwww. How sweet! Great post.

  6. mickee

    Loved the post, and you know what? Your kids will always remember that day!!!

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