The BPM Phase- Tips and notes

Hey all-

As I mentioned some weeks back we are incorporating a metronome clock, the Boss DB-90 into our worhsip experience. Just want to write down some tricks and tips for all of those involved to remember.

Turning it on– There is a “back light feature”, since we all have Lighting schemes and it CAN be dark on Stage, there is an easy way to do this. When you “power up” the Metronome, “hold down” the Light button with the Power button, essentially pressing the Power Button twice WHILE holding the Light button.

Volume controls- There is a Volume control for the “input” which will be the Aviom/Talkback Drum mix, there are also”several faders” that Control the BEAT CLICKS individually, with a “MASTER CLICK” Volume seperately, all in all you have Volume faders and controls for everything seperately. (Very cool)

Pedals- There is a “preset/tempo memory” Pedal that can go “up” or go “down”, which makes it easy to find the tempo for song 1, song to 2 or go back to song 1. There is also another pedal we can use to “start/stop” the Clock, THIS is up to the drummers so please leave us feedback on whether you prefer to hit “start/stop” with your finger or just put a small pedal to do this instead. (Let me know)

How this may impact your ministry when you serve-

You will have BPM clock times added to the HUB for each song before each weekend. Each song will start “through you”, YOU will count us off for each song and “keep us in time”. Remember, this new tool is to help ALL OF US stay better in the pocket and improve our control of tempo as a team.

Leave us Feedback and tell us any other ways this can help us grow in our worship experience.



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