Stop what you are doing!

On Monday I was challenged by our Executive Pastor, Raul Palacios at our weekly staff meeting. He taught about how Jesus one day woke up very early in the morning and went to have a quiet moment of prayer alone (Mark 1:32-38). When the disciples showed up, they told him that everybody was looking for him, since he had performed lots of miracles the day before, a bigger crowd was at his door that day. Jesus’ response was so different than what they were expecting. He said they needed to go to another village to continue performing miracles because that’s what he was meant to do. Can yo imagine? He stood up a big crowd of people who were waiting for a miracle! And then Raul told us this words “What do you have to stop doing to do what you are meant to do?”

Even though Raul was talking about leadership, I think there is a worship twist to that story. I sometimes have been so busy and preoccupied learning chords when rehearsing songs or while I’m on stage performing that sometimes I forget what this whole thing is all about. It’s about Him! It’s about God, our creator, our Father, King of Kings and Lord or our lives.

Now, I won’t encourage you to drop your mic or instrument and go have a moment with God in the midst of a worship set. I will be in trouble if you do that because of reading this. I just want to encourage you to take your time to talk to God alone and ask him about that moment when you are on stage and what he wants you to do. He might talk to you about the lives he will change and the people you will influence while holding that mic or strumming those strings or moving those props. The bottom line is, that is what we were created for, to worship him.




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2 responses to “Stop what you are doing!

  1. Marc

    Killer bro, this was an awesome reminder isolate ourselves and find God’s voice in the midst of so much chaos and business.

  2. Awesome!
    Thanks Miguel.

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