The art of “Creative control”

Psalm 33: 4 says..

” Sing to HIM a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy. For the word of the lord is right and true; HE is faithful in all HE does.”

The VIDEO: Thomas Lang on drums, displays almost super natural “creative control” and excellence, seeing musicians like this play with such grace pushes me even harder to rehearse and re-rehearse!

Over the next few weeks WE will be launching and participating in a new MAGTEAM Blog website, as we get closer to that I thought I’d keep with the topic of “excellence in Worship” because that is our calling and responsibility, or like I read once “Our ABILITY to respond IS our repsonsibility”.

With so many different teams, locations, volunteers, schedules it becomes challenging to maintain a high level of execution across the board BUT remember this, WE play for the most awesome king, the most high, the Lord of Lords, King of Kings and HE deserves ONLY our very BEST.

In heaven what will THAT band sound like, what will THOSE arrangements sound like, how will THEY sing, who’s gonna be playing drums, on Bass, Keys, Guitar, Horns, Vocals, Percussion, Etc…?



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