Different Perspective!

Last weekend I had the opportunity to be Back Stage during the 5 PM service in our Cooper City Campus and it was a very unique experience. The “Celebration Moment” was awesome! I was actually throwing balloons from the “Catwalk” and enjoyed the worship from a different perspective for 2 reasons, the first one: I’m usually on stage during worship ( I wanna encourage you to be part a worship service not only when you are leading a song or playing with the band or doing tech ). Second reason: While I was up there this thought came to my mind, “Not only people we see in the auditorium celebrate with us, God is also watching us from heaven, and he celebrates every time we worship him!” One day we’re gonna be celebrating 50 100,000 150,000,000 I can’t wait!!!




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8 responses to “Different Perspective!

  1. Marc

    This is SO COOL.
    What a shot and Angle, I love it!!
    What an incredible reminder that as we look out in front, God also is looking at us and that reminds us of the Vision ahead, Great Job Christian.

  2. Rafael

    Impresionante!!!! a veces olvidamos la importancia de la alabanza y la adoracion, siempre necesitamos estarnos recordando entre nosotros mismos la razon de nuestra labor, DIOS!!!!
    good lead Cristian!!!!!

  3. Miguel

    God watching from heaven. Wow. Good word Cristian. Great pic too.

  4. Paolo

    Excelente !!! buen trabajo chamo!!

  5. mickee

    Wow! How awesome, I’d love to get up there and experience that sometime!

  6. Deb

    Good words Cristian!! It was so great having you help out. You were like a kid in a candy store when I asked you if you would throw the balloons from the catwalk!

  7. allen

    Great Pic Cristian. This is an awesome perspective-rock strong my brother!

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