Unforgettable weekend…

choir.jpgI can’t even make up my mind, if you asked me about my favorite memory is of this past weekend.  I know it’s somewhere between watching P. Allen direct the choir with such passion,  listening to Heather describe her first experience ever singing in a choir: “like Heaven!”, watching  Ricky’s face of relief as he walked off stage right after dismissal for the 5pm service “it’s over!”  It was just awesome…all of it! 

So many lives saved, so many hearts changed.  It was a miracle weekend and I’m so glad to have been there to see it all happen.  I’m so honored to be part of such an awesome team, which felt like family.  As tiring as it was (thank God for chocolate chip cookies and red bull) I would do it all over again. 

Great job guys…all of you!!!




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2 responses to “Unforgettable weekend…

  1. Marc

    Another great testimony of that incredbile weekend we werea part of. With so many people involved it’s great to hear it from different perspectives, you did great.


  2. debbymalivuk

    Nice Post I must agree with you it was an amazing weekend to be a part of. What an honor!

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